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Personal Resilience for Organisational Resilience

January 31, 2011


Let’s start at my beginning… I’ve already explained why I wanted to do my dissertation on this subject.  However, there was a particular essay that confirmed this to me.  So below is an edited version of that essay, written by me last year.  It got a very decent academic grade, so I have no problem […]

Getting Started

January 30, 2011


I was planning on waiting until I got into writing my dissertation to start blogging in earnest.  However, I’ve realised there may be value in unearthing the essays that I’ve written as part of my course in order to remember the research and writing that I’ve already done that may be relevant, and reusable! Thus […]

Apocalypse London

January 29, 2011


Today is Saturday 29 January 2010.  If you read this before Tuesday, you could get your hands on the current edition of Time Out.  It’s the ‘Apocalypse London’ edition, and it’s worth a quick read.  If you don’t live/work/have offices in the UK’s capital then it might be a little less relevant to you but, […]

The problem in reverse

January 12, 2011


My friend Nigel pointed out armies deals with the problem I’m tackling in reverse. During wars, people are promoted based on being able to make fast, effective, strategic decisions that can be implemented quickly. The consequences of which may also expire more quickly than could ever be expected in peacetime. At the end of the […]