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Counter Terrorism

February 26, 2011


I’m still writing another essay, on Counter Terrorism, so I’m going to ask for your indulgence as I make an aside. When I began my MSc one of the (many) lecturers explaining the issues around plagiarism told us the story of a former student who had an interesting solution to his problem.  He submitted an […]

Resilient Organisations

February 15, 2011


With thanks to Amy Lee, who reminded me about Resilient Organisations, I’m going to indulgently link to some of their papers over the next few posts. If you’re wondering whether this is because I haven’t got time to do anything more imaginative just yet, you’re right: I’m not working on the dissertation yet.  I am, however, […]

the quest for resilience

February 15, 2011


Yes, I’m still feeling guilty about being busy with other things.  I’ll use it as another opportunity to leave a great article for your perusal. It’s another one that I’ve quoted many times in essays and will use as one of my ‘bible texts’ going forward.  I actually want the books mentioned under ‘further reading’ […]

how resilience works

February 14, 2011


I feel guilty. I haven’t posted in a week. I’m not being lazy, honestly, it’s just I’m writing essays that need to be in before the dissertation proposal, so they have absolutely priority until they are handed in.  That said, checking in here, and the massively useful feedback and tips on articles that you’ve already […]

Why a blog?

February 7, 2011


I’ve been asked how I came to start a blog to accompany my thesis.  The answer is that it’s because of my unexpected recent experience with another blog. In 2010 I managed to tear the lining of an artery in my neck. Somewhat annoyingly, this resulted in a stroke.  I’m in my thirties so the prognosis […]

Positive Scholarship

February 6, 2011


Today I confessed (by email) to my dissertation supervisor that I’d already started this blog.  So Matt, if you’re browsing, hello, and I hope this is cool with you! The blog is already helping and I’ve not even drafted dissertation’s formal proposal yet.  A few people have been in touch and I’m honestly logging all […]

Article collection begins…

February 4, 2011


I’ve started collecting articles and thought I would share a few that are available easily on the net.  Some are academic, some are not. I attach them there for your interest but also, let’s face it, because if I log them here I can easily retrieve them! Six Habits of Highly Effective Organisations (Johnston-Lenz): “Most […]