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Posted on February 4, 2011


I’ve started collecting articles and thought I would share a few that are available easily on the net.  Some are academic, some are not.

I attach them there for your interest but also, let’s face it, because if I log them here I can easily retrieve them!

  • Six Habits of Highly Effective Organisations (Johnston-Lenz): “Most companies live fast and die young. A study in 1983 by Royal Dutch/Shell found only 40 corporations over 100 years old. In contrast, they found that one-third of the Fortune 500s from 1970 were, at that time, already gone…”
  • How Managers Can Build Organisational Resiliency? (HR Management): “What does a resilient organization look like? Simply stated, a resilient organization can respond and adapt to both sudden shocks and gradual change – the current financial crisis is a perfect test of resiliency. Maximizing performance over the long term, through changes foreseen and disruptions that can’t be predicted, defines a resilient organization. Resilient organizations require resilient individuals, and managers help develop the right culture to build this kind of organization…”
  • Resiliency Development of Organisations, Leaders and Employees: Multi-Level Theory Building for Sustained Performance (Youseff & Luthens): [I’d really like this book but it’s £62 so google books will have to do!]
  • Are You Resilient? (Kanigel): “Remember a few years ago when touchy-feely stress-management workshops were all the rage? Well, say goodbye to group massages and soothing New Age music. The new buzzword in business boardrooms these days is “resilience.”…”
  • The Quest for Resilience (Hamel & Valikangas): “Call it the resilience gap. The world is becom- ing turbulent faster than organizations are be- coming resilient. The evidence is all around us. Big companies are failing more frequently. Of the 20 largest U.S. bankruptcies in the past two decades, ten occurred in the last two years…”
  • The Proposed Contagion Effect of Hopeful Leaders on the Resiliency of Employees and Organisations (Norman, Luthens & Luthens): “Hope has often been misunderstood and underestimated as a potentially powerful human capacity. Traditionally, hope has too often been dismissed as a whimsical and abstract concept that could not be well defined, let alone measured, developed, and applied to the workplace. However…”
  • Bonding, Bridging and Linking: How Social Capital Operated in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina (Hawkins & Maurer): “We examine how social capital operated in the lives of 40 families following Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, Louisiana. We attempt to understand how residents utilized their social capital to survive the storm, relocate, and rebuild their lives and com- munities. Results indicate residents, especially those with low incomes, relied on, built upon, and collapsed all levels of social capital for individual, family, and community survival…”

Through this blog a couple of academics and a few people have also been in touch to offer article suggestions, their own thoughts and experience, or sign up to the blog updates.  I have to confess that this is one of the things that I hoped would happen.  I wonder how many dissertations have sought to harness social networking to maximise the available input from interested and knowledgable people?  As an aside, I might have to investigate a little and see how it worked out for them!

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