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“Crisis management puts huge strain on CEOs”

March 31, 2011


Yesterday Reuters published an article about the strain the most senior executives might be put under as a result of a crisis.  Though one may wonder whether it might, possibly, be based on some kind of press release from Caroline Sapriel‘s organisation, it does highlight one of the issues I’m aiming to address from a […]

High Commitment High Performance

March 30, 2011


I’m reading Michael Beer’s High Commitment High Performance book. I’m a quarter of the way through, so it might yet answer my new conundrum! Beer – so far – contends that resilience is gained by high commitment which leads to high performance.  However he says organisations have to “accept constraints with regard to firm purpose and […]


March 19, 2011


I’m musing. I’m also going on holiday for a week tomorrow.  Sad person that I am, I’m having to force myself to take some beach books in addition to the three text books I’m taking to read.  I guess I’ve picked the right topic if I’m genuinely wanting to read these books over the latest […]

Contacts for online survey

March 15, 2011


I’ve started drafting the dissertation proposal.  I need to speak to my tutor but the phone tag messages suggests I’m on the right track. In working out the research methods, I’m pretty sure that I’ll be doing both an online questionnaire and some 1-2-1 interviews.  I’m obviously looking for a fair number of executive level […]

Emerging Stronger After Crisis

March 8, 2011


I’m reading now purely for the dissertation proposal.  I’m hunting for two or three core books/academic papers that I can make my touchstones throughout the process.  I’ve a few much-loved papers and some recently ordered books but, to get started over the weekend (I was away) I downloaded my first textbook onto the kindle.  It […]

The last essay is done!

March 4, 2011


I’ve just submitted my last essay for the ‘taught’ part of the MSc.  Or I would have if TurnItIn had been available.  Instead I’ve emailed it to the course administrator (to prove it’s done and I tried to submit it!).  I think they find TurnItIn unhelpful in distributing the work to the marker anyway, and […]

Executive Coaching

March 2, 2011


I’ve just applied to do an executive coaching course, starting in April. Part of my current role is working with people to ensure they get the best results from their time, usually in the arena of crisis management and business continuity.  When I’ve already briefed the person in the past, these are often more like […]