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Cost effective proof-reading?

June 14, 2011


Now I know getting work proof-read isn’t cheating, because lecturers recommend we do it.  In fact, one told us he reckons it’s worth about 5% on an essay.  Though I suspect it’s worth more on those occasions when they say, “This paragraph doesn’t makes sense,” or, more simply, mark a sentence, “Eh?“. I’ve been really […]

The (Resilience) Elephant in the Room

June 8, 2011


I’ve been pondering a problem with the whole proposition of resilient organisations. In particular I’ve been considering the potential dilemma of those who build such resilience. For who would employ a CEO (or an aspiring one, or any senior manager, to be honest) that has no solid record of dealing with crisis, disaster and a […]

Shhh… this one’s about climate change

June 2, 2011


Climate change.  Have you stopped reading yet? When a course module on ‘Managing Natural Disasters’ resulted in an essay on climate change adaptation planning, I was utterly disappointed.  Annoyingly, it was possibly the most useful piece study I did, in terms of usefulness to the company I was working for.  If they properly took it […]