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One down… :-)

September 22, 2011


I’ve closed the questionnaire for Resilience Departments!  It was the smaller survey, added at the last minute to answer some questions my literature review could not.  I got enough responses to provide the data I need and so it was time to close it so I can download the data.  Hooray! The Organisational Leadership for […]

Getting survey respondents is hard

September 16, 2011


Finding enough people to respond to the survey is proving extremely tricky.  I’m so going for the “convenience” sample option! I’ve sent emails to everyone I know asking them if they’d forward it on to anyone they know who qualifies for each survey.  Every request us accompanied by the qualifying questions; though I can filter […]

Resilience questionnaire responses urgently sought!

September 9, 2011


I have 2 questionnaires on SurveyMonkey.  I urgently need qualifying people to respond.  Can you – or perhaps one of your clients/network – help?  Might you be able to send them the link? The key questionnaire is for Organisational Leaders; the subsidiary one is for people working in ‘resilience’ departments.  There are criteria, and because […]

A whole journal on resilience

September 8, 2011


I didn’t find this one.  With thanks to Ned Powley, here’s a link to a journal with an issue dedicated to creating resilient SMEs. I’ll be having a look, but as the primary research surveys have been piloted and are almost ready to launch, in terms of this study, I’m secretly hoping there’s nothing too […]

Scary time: the point of no return

September 7, 2011


Well.  The questionnaire I was planning to survey for primary research is now two questionnaires.  One is for organisational leaders, and seeks the key findings for my primary research.  The other is for people who work in departments with ‘resilience’ in the title. It never occurred to me that I needed two questionnaires.  But the […]

Resilience is not an operational function

September 5, 2011


Yep, thought that might get your attention. I’m sitting in my local library.  I came here because I wanted to go through my dissertation draft to date to pull out all the lines of enquiry for my primary research. I thought being here would mean I couldn’t sneak on the internet and be distracted.  What […]

This blog needs your thoughts on this…

September 2, 2011


Right, it’s been an interesting week.  Apart from personal off-screen events which have somewhat diverted my attention elsewehere, there’s been a little blogging and tweeting about this little blog this week.  Suddenly the viewing figures have gone up dramatically, which is both great and a little scary. So instead of a post about what I’m […]