One Thesis. Drafted.

Posted on January 3, 2012


The thesis is drafted.

Once again I’m in a quandary about how to share some of it before it gets marked, for fear of being accused of cheating (either from myself or because someone uses something).  So i’m going to use my old trick of static pictures of some of the text, and ask you very nicely to reference the work as below if you use any of it, so I don’t have a problem!

So here are some dribbles of stuff from the final draft.  I’ll try to produce a 5 page summary in the next week or three.

Obviously I met the objectives and answered the questions…

More to come over the coming days…

Reference should probably be something like:  Newnham, C. (2011). Gold or Dust? Predicting individual leaders propensity for resilient behaviours in an organisational context. London: Cranfield University MSc thesis ???

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