Posted on June 18, 2012


I’ve been remiss in adding content from the thesis, so I’ll add two today.

First, here’s the abstract:

This work defines the term ‘organisational resilience’ and critically evaluates academic and professional guidance to determine how it might be achieved.  It considers methodologies to measure and benchmark organisational resilience and determines that it is possible to benchmark an individual leader’s propensity for behaviours that are likely to increase total organisational resilience.

Indicative primary research, conducted as part of this work, identifies circumstantial factors that correlate with higher Propensities for Resilient Behaviours (PRB), thus allowing recommendations to be made on how an individual’s PRB might be predicted and increased.

To bridge further gaps in the literature, the study also considered the scope and activities of newly emerging “Resilience” business units.  Primary research determined these business units are not currently scoped to significantly contribute to the overall resilience of an organisation.

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