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Posted on December 10, 2012


In January I’m going to start a new job, specialising in Organisational Resilience.  With, perhaps, some continuity and crisis management too.

So, before that happens, I thought I’d do two things.  Partly to fulfil my promise to you and partly to confirm the intellectual property is mine.

First, I’m going to attach the distributable PDF of my thesis.  Though the (c) mark says Cranfield University, I have a blanket statement from them saying I – and I alone – can do what I like with it, including republishing it for a different market.

Second, I’m going to put up later this week the outline of the book I’ve been working on.  It’s more or less finished and – since it won’t be proofed or any of that jazz for sometime, what with a new job – I don’t want any doubt around the fact it’s mine and not a company’s!

Thanks for your indulgence.

In return for that, you can have the PDF of my thesis, should you want it:


[As this study was completed some time ago, this file has been temporarily redacted: please drop me an email if you’d like a copy.]

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