This is the story of an MSc dissertation (a.k.a. thesis), that’s due at the end of 2011.

I’m doing an MSc Resilience with Cranfield University at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom under the supervision of Matt Qvortrup (click to see or read).

At this precise moment (12.12.2010) I’ve got the brief, and a good idea what I’m planning to do with it. However, as with the way with dissertations, I know it might not actually turn out the way I currently expect.

The reason for this blog are fourfold:

(1) Blogging is therapeutic; it helps me make sense of what I’m thinking; it’s a great place to dump ideas (be they mine or someone else’s) and links to papers and articles that are met along the way.  And, perhaps, some of them might be useful to you as well as to me.

(2) Your comments, should you be generous enough to leave some, will help shape my thinking.  Your thoughts and ideas, be they academic or plain, valuable common sense, are not just welcome, but positively solicited with thanks.

(3) There will be primary research you might like to get involved in, probably in the form of a short questionnaire.  I’d love to open up the type of people who may respond: if you want to participate (anonymously or otherwise), please subscribe or send me your email address so I can include you when I get to that point in the process.

(3) At the end of this, I wonder if it will be interesting to remember the journey; the twists and turns that made whatever it turns out to be whatever it turns out to be.

Thank you for reading.  Now please, comment away, subscribe, or contact me with your email address if you want to be involved, keep across the information, or otherwise be involved!

Many thanks,


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  1. Charlie, you may or or may not be aware, but the PAS 200 has now launched by the BSI and supported by the CAbinet Office. It is a Guide to Crisis MAnagement and does not really impact on your thesis but doe shit a few notes that may make it a worthwhile document to catch – i have one if you need to read it. Also, through the launch met Rob McFarlance who is an academic who has writtent a very good paper indeed called “Thinking Crisis”. I have an electronic copy if you would llike it.

    • Hello, yes, I knew about it but I haven’t had sight of it. Love to read it, if that’s ok? I also have your books which I will endeavour to drop in over the next week or so.


      p.s. I’m quite good at know what’s coming up as I’m a BSI affiliate (and I’m working with them on how that works for them as their system is clunky at the moment: it will be great in a while and my current clunky page – http://continuityinbusiness.com/national-standards/ – will be a shop!)


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