Some people like books and some people like academic papers.  If you’re the former, this page is for you; if you’re the latter go to the papers link; if you like both, well, I guess you’re in luck!

Here I’m going to dump books I’ve found most useful in the course of my MSc.  Where possible I’ll include a link to a place from where it can be bought.  Do check – especially on Amazon – whether second hand copies are available and cheaper (after you include postage).  The authors would no doubt prefer you buy new copies, but I prefer loved ones. Indeed, if you are studying, you might even find a previous owner has marked up some good notes for you into the bargain.

My Favourite Go-To Books

Resilient Organisations

Resilient Individuals

General Resilience

[A note from our sponsors…  I’ve not done this on a blog before – my others are clean, honest – but I do get a tiny commission if you buy from an Amazon link on this page only and it only applies to new books from Amazon – not second hand ones.  It’s only about 5% which does not make it worth putting up links to things I wouldn’t buy.  Besides, this blog forms part of my academic credibility!  So please know that I’ve either bought or would like to buy the item: in fact at time of writing (12.12.2010) I own all 15 books listed. They’re all  available in other places too – my backup for secondhand books is AbesBooks.]

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  1. Hi. Check out an Australian guy Sam Cawthorn, who is a renowned speaker on “bouncing forward” – he’s a good mate of mine.

  2. Charlie
    Hi! I have a reasonable library in the London offices and would highly recommend several of the books by Ian Mitroff as being excellent on crisis leadership. Rhona Flynn also gives some outstanding insights from all her work. Happy to share!

    • Thanks Dominic, that’s much appreciated and I would love to take you up on that at some point in the coming months.

  3. Hi Charlie, Watched a webinar by a Professor Douglas Reid from Queens University, CA. He recommended 2 books which look of interest ‘(Re)(Organize) for resilience’ and ‘The red queen among organisations’. Not read them yet, so have no opinion to give on them.


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